Cross-Chain NFT Automation

Built to be extremely fast, reliable and easy to use when it comes to bulk mint NFTs and much more.



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Smart Contract Minting

Easily interact with smart contracts to bulk mint tokens or execute any kind of transaction, wether it's a verified contract or not. Thanks to custom RPCs, quicktasks, flashbots, gas estimator, tokens supply monitor, hexdata, send on pending, flip mode and many other features, once you try it there's no going back!


Auto / Manually Adjustable Gas Fees

Wether you want to "slam" gas or want to pay whatever it requires for transaction to get confirmed within next block, we got you covered! Thanks to our on-chain gas estimator, getting transactions included has never been this easy.


Bulk Speed Up / Cancel

Control and flexibility over sent transactions, allowing you to make specific or bulk changes on-the-fly while tasks are running.


Queue Transactions

Allows to get multiple transactions included in the same block and save on gas fees. Game-changer feature for contracts without a "max per wallet" mint limit, to optimize mint costs.


Merkle / Signature Contracts Support

Our Bot is coded to mint any token, even if contract requires merkle proof / signature. Our experienced developer team will push custom modules so you won't miss a mint, even if it has Anti-Bot securities.


Fully Automated Marketplaces Modules

Take advantage of short-term market fluctuations and purchase tokens at the lowest price possible. Thanks to our "fat-fingers" specific mode, buying tokens for insanely low prices (most likely listed by mistake), hasn't ever been easier!


Distribute & Recollect Funds & NFTs

Bulk manage and transfer assets with ease. Thanks to our interactive menus, preparing for a drop is literally stress-free. Transferring ETH / Tokens across wallets and then recollect into one is extremely rapid and user friendly.


Custom On-Chain Monitors

Receive real-time notifications on Discord about your tasks' transactions status. Track on-chain activities like new contracts being deployed or which tokens are being minted the most in the last couple minutes.

Supported Blockchains

.. Ethereum

.. Aptos

.. Canto

We also natively support any EVM compatible blockchain.



Frequently Asked Questions

Currently you can purchase a license through our Dashboard. Keep in mind that Wyvern is released in limited quantities to avoid oversaturation. It won't always be available to be purchased.

No, it doesn't. Feel free to renew your license whenever you please.

If you think you can help us any way by joining our Team, contact @WyvernBots on Twitter specifying your background and what you would like to accomplish with us.

Yes, we are open to partnerships and groupbuys! Please contact @WyvernBots on Twitter.

All support is handled through Discord, make sure to join ours and create a ticket if you need help!

Currently, 0.1 ETH per month.

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